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I am trying to trace a friend from NESWT, Johnny Davies, (Gordon, John), who was the resident instructor in 1958. I took over the position fropm him and Ray Pilgrim took over from me in 1959. Johnny was on the SS Gowrie and later on the SS Olivebank, then disappeared off the radar. Ray Pilgrim has met him a few times at radio related conferences but does not know Johnny's home address. Any new information would be much appreciated. I am Andrew Sniedze, the so called big Latvian tutor that Keith Appleyard had forgotten, though I remamber Keith and the other 60 or so very well. It was a pleasure to help them become top class R/O's even if hard labour was on the menu at times. (Including Angela Firman).

 My brother Arnis, also known as Big Joe, was at NESWT a few years before my time.

 Regards  Andrew Sniedze.

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Glen Winters. (NESWT 1957)

    It is with sad news that anyone who knew Glen to inform you that he passed away recently due to Parkinsons Disease.



An Email Received From David Billany grandson of M.W.G Russell


My Grandfather, Matthew William George Russell (nickname Wilfred) was

Principal at the wireless school for many, many years, I think from

before the 2nd World War, right up to its eventual closure in the


A remarkable man, he was actually born in Stornaway, Isle of Lewis.

His wife - (My grandmother) Winnie also worked at the school.


Wilfred died in 1967 and Winnie in 1978 but their daughter (my mother,

Sheila Billany, nee Russell) is alive and has many memories of the

school. She was 80 this year.


My mum's memory is not as good as it once was, but she tells me

Wilfred originally ran a radio school in Leeds which closed and

relocated to Bridlington - taking a number of students with it. This

must have been in the 1920s or 30s.


My mum says that the original school was on York Road, Bridlington and

this then moved to Shaftsbury Road.


My mum also remembers when the school had to temporarily relocate to

Ashfield House, Otley during the war to escape the German bombing. I

think Ashfield House was known as the 'ship in the country'


She recalls that while the school in Bridlington was never bombed, a

German plane did come down very near to Ashfield House. The pilot was

brought to Ashfield House to await the arrival of the army. He was

well looked after I believe, with Winnie giving him something to eat.


She also recalls the Bridlington school trained the first ever female

radio operator.


I do hope I have the dates and information right, unfortunately I

never knew my Grandfather, so I'm having to rely on my mum's memory.


I know it was many years ago, but I'm sure some of the students will

remember my Grandparents and mother from their time in Bridlington.