Bond March 1941 or early 1942

Football Team 1939

A Class of 1940 at Ashfield House Otley

2 Group Photos of unknown Date


Denis Horne attended Otley in 1942. Leaving the MN in 1945

After the war he worked at Ferranti (Moston, Manchester)as a radio & television engineer, moving to Leeds doing similar work with various companies, and moving to Suffolk in 1962 also doing similar work for a company there

I remember him best for his radio & television servicing days in Leeds in the 1950's/early 1960's, which gave me inspiration for my hobby of collecting & restoring vintage valve radios.

Dad, Derek Malcolm Wrightson (1926 -1987) , was a thirteen-years old schoolboy living in Castleford and attending King's School Pontefract when the second world war started. He  left school in 1941 or 1942 and enrolled at NESWT which was then at Ashfield House in Otley. After getting his Special PMG he joined the Marconi Company and was posted to a series of merchant ships from August 1943 until his discharge in December 1947. He took part in various Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific Convoys.


The attached photo of him in uniform was taken during a period of shore leave sometime during his wartime service.


After the war dad spent much of his working life in radio-related fields - fitting radar into the Fleetwood trawler fleet, helping to establish a fledgling university television service and then working in avionics for the Ministry of Defence. He was an active radio-ham (call-sign G3BTO) throughout his life, specializing in low power WT.


I particularly enjoyed reading the pre-war NESWT prospectus; it gives me a picture of what my dad would have been doing in those late teens, early war, years.